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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Your Phone Records. Delivered.

It looks like it's time to find a new phone company. You see, I'm an Ameritech SBC AT&T customer, and it appears AT&T has been illegally handing its customers' telephone records over to the NSA without a court order. Wired has published testimony of AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein, which details AT&T's participation in the program (link via Hit & Run). At The Audient Files, Audient has a two-part post detailing the runaround he got from AT&T when he inquired about the company's handling of his phone records.

If you live, as I do, in the AT&T service area in Ohio, The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has a handy website where you can search for competing local telephone companies. Unfortunately, Qwest isn't on the list, but there are quite a few alternatives to AT&T. The PUCO lists 22 competing companies in my exchange.


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