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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Quick Links

Here are some fun, interesting, infuriating, or important things I've found in the blogosphere over the past couple of weeks:

At A Stitch in Haste, Kip Esquire reads Time's article on the best and worst senators so you don't have to.

Buckeye State Blog has a collection of unintentionally humorous quotes from Sen. Marc Dann (D-Liberty Twp.)

You might have thought the ethnic cleansing of American Indians from the American west was a thing of the past, but not if Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) gets his way. Logan Ferree of Freedom Democrats points to this report from Cultural Survival.

The Agitator's Radley Balko, the blogger who broke the Cory Maye story, has more true tales of paramilitary police raids gone wrong.

This incident has gotten quite a bit of attention from the blogosphere. At Crime and Federalism, Mike makes the case that it goes beyond mere police overreaction and crosses the line into torture.

This story from the satirical Toledo Tales comes a little too close to the truth. So does this one.

Finally, The Lope has a cool photo essay on the new Encounters restaurant at Los Angeles International Airport (link via Gravity Lens).


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