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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Welcome to Ohio, the Buckeye Police State

Senate Bill 9, the so-called Ohio "Patriot" Act, went into effect yesterday. The act, sponsored by self-proclaimed "jerk" Jeff Jacobson (R-Butler Twp.), passed by overwhelming majorities in both houses of the General Assembly, and signed into law by criminal Governor Bob Taft (R-Cincinnati), greatly expands the power of police officers to demand identification from citizens. So, the next time a police officer stops you and demands your identification for little or no reason, remember that you have the following legislators to thank:

Allen Aslanides Barrett Blessing Boccieri Book Bubp Buehrer Calvert Carano Carmichael Cassell Coley Collier Core Daniels DeGeeter DeWine Dolan Domenick Driehaus Evans C. Evans D. Faber Fende Flowers Garrison Gibbs Gilb Hagan Hartnett Harwood Hoops Hughes Latta Law Martin Mason McGregor R. Oelslager Patton T. Perry Peterson Raga Raussen Redfern Reinhard Sayre Schaffer Schlichter Schneider Seitz Setzer Smith G. Strahorn Taylor Trakas Uecker Wagner Wagoner Webster White Widener Widowfield Willamowski Williams Wolpert Woodard Husted

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