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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Quick Links

Here's some stuff that caught my eye recently from around the blogosphere:

Happy anniverary to The Audient Files!

Andrew Sullivan links to Kings College London's report on per capita prison populations around the world. Once again, the United States ranks #1. Are Americans really that much more violent or larcenous than everyone else, or are we just imprisoning too many people? My money's on the latter.

At The Agitator, Radley Balko has more Cory Maye news and research, including Mr. Maye's appeal brief and analysis of bullet hole evidence.

Catallarchy celebrates John Stuart Mill's 200th birthday.

At Freedom Democrats, Logan Ferree posts some quotes from a recent speech by U.S. Senate Candidate James Webb (D-Va.). Here's one that stood out: "I say to you, the government's power ends at my front door, unless there is a compelling reason to come inside. Leave us alone, and let us live our lives." The Democratic Party could use more candidates like Mr. Webb.

Finally, at the Center for Advanced Sarcasm, Dan Tarrant reports on an unfortunate consequence of tightening border security.


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