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Monday, August 21, 2006

More Quick Links

I'm sorry I haven't posted my own thoughts for a while. I've been preoccupied with other matters. Here's some reading material for you while you wait for me to come up with an original thought of my own.

At The Volokh Conspiracy, Orin Kerr links to Thomas Davies' "Recovering the Original Fourth Amendment."

Radley Balko of The Agitator links to a persuasive anti-drug war video from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

I was surprised to see Brooke Oberwetter of Parenthetically endorse a hotline to report smoking ban violations, but upon reading her post, I must admit that her logic is unassailable. Ms Oberwetter writes:
...if there's a hotline, we can track down the people who call it and arrest them on charges of insufferable douche-baggery.
In another post, Ms. Oberwetter asks for your vote in this poll.

I was sad to read that Chris Baker, editor of the Ohio 2nd Blog, is calling it quits.

At Nobody's Business, Rogier van Bakel paints a nighmarish picture of life in the United Kingdom, where the police state and nanny state are running amok:

Ah, Britain. Where you can be fined for saying 'fuck' in a private conversation. Where every single child will soon be fingerprinted. Where all people will be ordered to carry an I.D. card at all times, to be swiped every time they withdraw a fairly small amount of money from the bank, buy an airline ticket, apply for a fishing license, purchase property, apply for a library card, get a prescription filled, and so on. Where the government wants to make the possession of "abusive porn" a crime. Where you can be sentenced to 80 hours of community service for wearing the wrong T-shirt. Where having a pen knife in your car can get you arrested. Where being too fat can get you carted off to a mental institution. Where government workers will come to your home to verify you're not using too much electricity, and to note whether or not you smoke. Where all vehicles' whereabouts will soon be monitored by satellite 24/7. Where you'll get fined for using a pencil instead of a pen when filling out a form. Where people are captured by video surveillance cameras some 300 times a day. Where officials tell you how to go to the bathroom.

(link via The Agitator)

Lawrence Taylor of the DUI Blog asks whether breath-alcohol test machines discriminate against women.

The Lope was recently in my ancestral homeland of Southwest Ohio, and has some great pictures of Cincinnati's Union Terminal, the Aglamesis Brothers' ice cream shop, the U.S. Air Force museum, and Lebanon, Ohio.


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