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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's Good to be Noticed (Warning: Self-Promotion)

My earlier post about the technicality that led to former Cleveland Councilman Joe Jones' guilty plea to a federal mail fraud charge has attracted some attention from the legal blogosphere. Mike at Crime and Federalism linked to my post, saying "...Mr. Sonenshein's full post is worth reading." Thanks, Mike! The Mommy Blawg linked to me in Blawg Review # 20: Reality TV Edition. My Jones post even made the Blawg Republic's Top Links. Thanks for noticing me!

In other Joe Jones-related news, a federal jury in Akron convicted Cleveland businessman Nate Gray and co-defendant Gilbert Jackson on all charges.

Also, Mr. Jones has asked Council President Frank Jackson (D-Ward 5) to appoint Mr. Jones' wife to the vacant Ward 1 Council seat. President Jackson was understandably non-committal, but if Ms. Jones runs for the seat this fall, I wouldn't count her out. Jones is a good ballot name in Cuyahoga County and the voters of Ward 1 might decide that Councilman Jones, who was quite popular in the ward, got a raw deal. Stranger things have happened.


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