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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Paul Hackett Covers the Spread

Final unofficial election results from the 2nd Congressional District:
Schmidt: 59,095 votes (52%)
Hackett: 55,091 votes (48%)
I said last month that more than a third of the vote would be a good showing for a Democrat in the Second District. 48% is phenomenal. This race should have been a foregone conclusion for Tracy Flick Jean Schmidt, but Paul Hackett almost pulled off the upset. Major Hackett showed that a Democrat with a libertarian message can be a viable candidate in even the most Republican of districts.

There will be an open-seat election for Hamilton County commissioner next year. Has there ever been a Democratic majority on the Hamilton County Commission? If Paul Hackett runs, there will be.


Anonymous cbs said...

Being a Dem. in the Second District, I am very proud of Paul and think he ran a great campaign -- can't wait to vote for him again in the future!

9:35 PM, August 03, 2005  
Anonymous Mark S. said...

Found your blog via your post at Elephant in My Coffee.

You characterize Hackett as a Democrat with libertarian views. I disagree.

As evidence from hackettforcongress.com:

Hackett doesn't wish to remove tax subsidies, he just wants them given to a different group.

On social security, his only proposal for reform is changing the taxable cap to $150k.

On healthcare, he basically comes to the conclusion that he doesn't know what should be done but he definetly thinks the solution should involve government care of some kind.

About his only libertarian view is on gun control.

Paul Hackett is a Democrat with Democrat views and I think he was so successful because of a well orchestrated image.

3:55 PM, August 16, 2005  
Anonymous My Blog said...

There will be an open-seat election for
Hamilton County commissioner next year.

4:54 AM, March 22, 2011  

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