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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Does this mean we can accuse gay marriage opponents of dhimmitude?

As Watergate criminal Chuck Colson wrote in October, 2004:
One vital goal of the war in Iraq, and the war against terrorism, is to bring democracy to the heart of the Islamic world. Our hope is to make freedom so attractive that other Muslim countries will follow suit. But when radical Islamists see American women abusing Muslim men, as they did in the Abu Ghraib prison, and when they see news coverage of same-sex couples being "married" in U.S. towns, we make our kind of freedom abhorrent the kind they see as a blot on Allah's creation.

Preserving traditional marriage in order to protect children is a crucially important goal by itself. But it's also about protecting the United States from those who would use our depravity to destroy us. We must not give up simply because the Senate voted down the FMA. It took William Wilberforce and his allies 20 years to shut down Britain's slave trade; it will take years to win the battle for traditional marriage.

(entire screed here, link via Andrew Sullivan)

Best Political Analogy Ever?

From John Dickerson of Slate:

In Memphis, Tenn., they celebrate only the thin Elvis. On clock radios, roller luggage, and dinner plates, he swivels his narrow hips everywhere. The fat Elvis of the 1970s is almost impossible to find, even in ads for weight loss and drug rehab centers. Last weekend, the 2,000 Republican activists meeting in Memphis looked past the bloated big-government conservatism of George W. Bush and focused on their own young Elvis, Ronald Reagan.

(entire article here)


I've been tagged by Vache Folle of St. George Blog

4 jobs I have had:

deputy project director
special assistant to the mayor
test grader
campaign scheduler

4 movies I can watch over and over:

The Blues Brothers

4 places I have lived:

Miami Township (Clermont County), Ohio
Bowling Green, Ohio
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio

(I had to list Shaker Heights and Cleveland as two separate places. How lame is that?)

4 TV shows I love (currently on)

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Mind of Mencia
The Office
The New Red Green Show

4 highly recommended TV shows I never watch:

The Apprentice

4 places I have vacationed

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
Fort Erie, Ontario
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Manitou Springs, Colorado

4 of my favorite places

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Monmouth Park
Grand Teton National Park
the Huntington Building

4 favorite dishes

liver and onions
Swiss steak
Singapore noodles

4 sites I visit daily

Hit and Run
Freedom Democrats
The Audient Files

4 places I’d rather be right now

the liquor store
Fort Meigs
Dania, Florida
the oxbow in the Mississippi River at the western end of Kentucky that's completely surrounded by Missouri and Tennessee

4 new bloggers to tag (just to see if they come by):

Audient of The Audient Files
the editor of Ohio 2nd
Mark and/or Matthew of Liberty Just in Case
Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog

Apologies if you have already been hit with this one.

Yes, I know, I'm ridiculously late to the Cheney joke party...

...but Dick Cheney is one of those jokes that never get old.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

The Wine Commonsewer links to this funny t-shirt.

Julie Carr Smyth of The Plain Dealer gets in on the act:

Invitations out today say the Cheney event will be at the historic Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn in Hanoverton, a one-time stagecoach stop for Abraham Lincoln and home to the local justice of the peace. Its Web site says the building was no doubt the site of countless weddings. No word on whether any of them were performed shotgun.

Alkali made this hilarious comment on Hit and Run:

Overheard at the phone bank at RNC HQ:

"... No, Mr. Abramoff's skybox is no longer available, but at that contribution level we could arrange to have you shot in the face by Vice President Cheney ... no, I'm pretty sure it's not fatal ... well, I'll just put you down for the Reagan commemorative totebag then ..."

And here's one of my own:

Analogy Quiz

"Peppered" is to wounded badly enough to cause a heart attack and require intensive care as "one beer with lunch" is to ____________.

a. buzzed
b. tipsy
c. schnockered
d. blotto
e. Tom Coyne