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Thursday, July 21, 2005


From Crain's Cleveland Business:

Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro said evidence he has seen suggests that Toledo coin dealer Tom Noe has "pilfered" nearly $4 million in funds from the Bureau of Workers compensation for his own use.

That word pilfered is in quotes. Did Jim Petro really say "pilfered?"

From The Columbus Dispatch:

"Tom Noe pilfered millions intended for injured workers," Petro said of losses in the state's investment funds.

Yes, Attorney General Petro really said "pilfered." Encarta defines pilfer as "steal small things: to steal small items of little value, especially habitually" (emphasis in original). Dictionary.com defines pilfer as " To steal (a small amount or item)."

I guess Mr. Petro regards the theft of nearly $4 million as mere pilferage. $4 million might be a trifling sum to Mr. Petro, but to most of us, it's a lot of money.


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That word pilfered is in quotes.

7:29 AM, March 17, 2011  

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