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Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often...

...vote all the way down the ballot! Especially if you live in Ashtabula, Portage, Summit, or Trumbull County, where there's a low-profile, but nonetheless important race for the Ohio Board of Education between Deborah Owens-Fink and Tom Sawyer. Here's what other bloggers have written about this race.

Yellow Dog Sammy of Ohio 2006:
In yet another descent into mud-slinging by desperate Republican candidates at the end of this election cycle, Debbie Owens Fink (R) is dumping much of her extraordinarily large war chest (about $90,000, incredibly huge for this kind of race) into an ugly and misleading negative campaign of mailers and robo-calls, claiming that Tom Sawyer (D) failed to pay taxes while he was a member of Congress. This distorted charge is debunked in an editorial in the Akron Beacon Journal here...

Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars:
The New York Times reports that a group of 75 scientists at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio has endorsed the candidacy of Tom Sawyer in his race against creationist Deborah Owens Fink for a spot on the Ohio Board of Education. That group includes Lawrence Krauss and Patricia Princehouse. Amusingly, Owens Fink tries to give the idea that she's not really an advocate of ID creationism

Pho of Pho's Akron Pages:
Sawyer will be running against crypto-creationist and charter school honk Deborah Owens Fink. Through nothing but sheer luck and coincidence, I've been privy to much of the backstory as foes of Fink have looked for a champion. A number of university science professors have been actively seeking a candidate since D'Oh Fink led the unsuccessful Intelligent Design charge this past spring.
I have to give some serious credit to Sawyer for taking this on. He certainly saw the politics as ugly as it gets in the Ohio 13 primary. He is walking into a race that, given the stakes for the players, promises to be plenty ugly in it's own right. Anyone in politics will tell you that elected officials never run for a "lower" office, as a matter of etched-in-granite political law. Sawyer jumping back in this soon after a bruising campaign is a selfless, party-and-principle-first move -- one that makes me doubt some of the street gumbling I heard in the primary.


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I hear ol' Finky likes rollin' one up and getting baked with her bible thumping frieds. She also looks like a prune and smells really bad.

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