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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ohio "Patriot" Act Update

Senate Bill 9, the so-called Ohio "Patriot" Act was reported out of the House Transportation, Public Safety, and Homeland Security Committee on November 15. The ACLU of Ohio reports that the bill "may be voted on in both the House and Senate by the end of this year."

Section 2909.31 of the latest version of the bill states:

(A) No person entering an airport, train
station, port, or other critical transportation infrastructure
site shall refuse to show identification when requested by a law
enforcement officer when there is a threat to security and the law
enforcement officer is requiring identification of all persons
entering the site.

(B) A law enforcement officer may prevent any person who
refuses to show identification when asked under the circumstances
described in division (A) of this section from entering the
critical transportation infrastructure site.

What qualifies as an "other critical transportation infrastructure
site?" A toll plaza or highway entrance ramp? The Lorain-Carnegie Bridge? The street and sidewalk in front of the federal building? Any street or sidewalk? If this thing passes, be prepared for a warrantless, suspicionless identification check any time you leave your home. Ihren Papieren, bitte.

If you haven't already done so, please contact your state representative and senator as soon as possible and urge them to vote "no" on Senate Bill 9. The ACLU of Ohio provides a sample letter, talking points, and a link to your legislators' contact information here.


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