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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Yet Another Reason to Oppose "Patriot" Act Reauthorization

Gun Owners of America alerts its members:
Gun sales are business transactions, and FFL [federal firearms license] holders must retain copies of the 4473 forms (yellow sheets) filled out on every gun sale. Thus, an anti-gun administration could easily determine that such records would be useful in the fight against terrorism, and demand them all.

But that's not all. More than just your gun purchase records are at stake. Financial and medical records, library records and much more will now be open to FBI fishing expeditions. They won't have to get any prior court approval.

It gets worse. If the gun dealer, where you purchased firearms, is required to hand over your gun purchase records, he is BARRED from telling you about it under the PATRIOT Act.

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GOA's Legislative Action Center makes it easy to find and contact your representative and senators.

Reform the Patriot Act reports that a bipartisan group of six senators has joined Senator Feingold in opposing the current version of the "Patriot" Act reauthorization, and that the senators "...are saying they have a critical mass to sustain a threatened filibuster if key changes aren't made."

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