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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Is That a Gas Pump Sticker, or a Campaign Sign?

The use of gasoline pump inspection stickers for a little bit of taxpayer-funded self promotion is a long standing practice among county auditors in Ohio, but Delaware County Auditor Todd Hanks (R - Delaware) has taken the art form to a whole new level. This sticker on a pump at the B.P. station on State Route 36, just off of Interstate 71, is about the size of a small index card and looks more like a campaign logo than any gas pump sticker I've ever seen.

Across the highway at the Flying J Travel Plaza, Mr. Hanks uses smaller white stickers. I guess these stickers weren't big enough. Mr. Hanks had to use four of them. That's right, four inspection stickers on one pump. I've been buying gasoline in Ohio for 15 years and I've never seen more than one inspection sticker per pump. Way to get your name out there, Mr. Hanks!


Blogger Audient said...

At least his face isn't on his stickers. But you're right, that top sticker looks more like a bumper sticker or a yard sign!

10:20 PM, July 06, 2005  
Blogger Windypundit said...

Heh. This reminds me of the Cook County (Illinois) Recorder of Deeds office. The guy who runs it, Eugene "Gene" Moore, had a huge banner with his name on the web site.

It was a pretty useless website, too. I had to deal with them when I incorporated my business. Never could understand why I had to write them a check.

Anyway, the web site's banner became an issue in the last election. Moore's opponent mentioned it all the time, and promised that if elected he would eliminate the office. He lost, despite my vote, but maybe he struck a nerve, because the new website is more subdued:


Doesn't matter. The old web site is still available on the Wayback Machine here.

If that's too slow, here's a copy of just the banner.

2:15 AM, July 08, 2005  
Anonymous My Blog said...

That's right, four inspection stickers on one pump.

4:57 AM, February 22, 2011  

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