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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FISA Update

Once again, the Senate is taking up legislation to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and, once again, so-called Democratic Leader Harry Reid is doing all he can to help the other side. Glenn Greenwald has the details.

I don't understand why the so-called Democrats in Congress are so eager to do Bush's bidding on this legislation. According to a poll conducted for the ACLU by the Mellman Group, solid majorities oppose warrantless wiretapping of Americans' international telephone calls and oppose immunity for the telecom companies that helped Bush break the law, yet Reid and company are standing firmly against the will of the people and against the rule of law.

Senator Chris Dodd (D-Ct.) has pledged to filibuster Reid's legislation to gut FISA, and Tim Tagaris, formerly of the Dodd campaign writes " I wouldn't bet on Dodd backing down if a bill contains retroactive immunity."

Senator Dodd's actions on this bill have been admirable, but he needs other senators to back his filibuster. Please call or e-mail your U.S. senators, and tell them to vote against cloture on any bill that allows warrantless wiretaps without individualized suspicion, or that provides for retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies, or both. The ACLU makes it easy to contact your senators.

Additionally, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama need to do their jobs and vote against cloture on the FISA bill. Back in December, Senators Clinton and Obama signed onto a letter supporting Senator Dodd's efforts, but couldn't be bothered to show up for work to vote against cloture because they were too busy shaking hands with Iowans. Please contact Senators Clinton and Obama, and tell them that if they want your presidential vote, they'll be there in the Senate to stop this legislation. Senator Clinton can be contacted here. Senator Obama can be contacted here.


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