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Monday, April 30, 2007

Senate Bill 16 Update

The House Judiciary Committee heard testimony regarding Senate Bill 16 last Thursday, and is scheduled to hold another hearing on the bill on Wednesday, according to the House Committee Schedule.

Some dancers have formed a group called Dancers for Democracy, which is scheduled to hold a press conference tomorrow morning at 10:00. Progress Ohio has the details.

If you have not yet contacted your state representative, please do so. Stop The House has a petition you can sign. If you prefer to compose your own message, you can find your representative's contact information here. Here are some points to make:
  1. Bad for Neighborhoods: Senate Bill 16 would push adult entertainment out of commercial zones and into residential neighborhoods, where it would be harder to regulate.
  2. Bad for Taxpayers: Adult entertainment generates $250 million in economic activity in Ohio. If local governments lose the tax revenue from this economic activity, some of them will have to make up the shortfall, probably by raising taxes.
  3. Bad for Cities: Local governments already have the power to regulate strip clubs. Senate Bill 16 would take this power away by setting a statewide standard that might or might not be right for each individual community.
  4. Bad for Ohio: For the above reasons, Senate Bill 16 is bad for all Ohioans, including those of us who have no interest in the adult entertainment industry.

Aaron Marshall of The Plain Dealer reports that Governor Strickland has not decided whether to sign or veto the bill. Please contact Governor Strickland and ask him to veto Senate Bill 16 if it reaches his desk. Go here to find the governor's contact information


Anonymous Daniel Jack Williamson said...

One more thing: Bad for crime: The bill contains no provisions that will provide disincentives for crime. If anything, the incentive for prostitution is increased as it potentially creates a wage shortfall that may prompt the least ethical among the entertainers to seek out illicit activities in the search for more income.

12:13 AM, May 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This bill is just a bunch of bullshit!! Some goody-2-shoes with a hair up their ass decided to make up some shit about strip clubs so they can stir up OHio. Well guess what, I just so happen to have in one of these strip clubs, and guess what else?, Our strippers love their job, they are drug tested, and they are not allowed to be seen with anyone in the club they have to go immediatly home after their shift so they dont get accused of prostitution. Now, i'm a very upset person, here i am over in iraq fighting for my country only to know that when i come back to my humble home in Ohio, that they have taken all the rights i am fighting for. This is not a just a bill about fighting for our entertainment (by the way that we are entitled to) this is a bill about our rights. How much are they going to take away? How many rights that we have fought so many wars for are they going to take away?This bill is unconstitutional. This is our rights as adults. If there is a proplem with a club and these things are happening then bring in the authority ya something should be done, but i promise you not all clubs in ohio are like this. Dont punish us all this is a free country. As an american and as an ohioan stick up for your rights that you have earned, and deserve, dont let people push you around. Be a true American one that fights for his/her freedom.

11:25 AM, May 10, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey they are banning so much in Ohio that you will be drinking kool-aid on your nights out because alchol will be illegal...HaHaHa figured i'd add that

11:27 AM, May 10, 2007  

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