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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tell Senate Democrats to Grow a Pair

Last week, Senators Warner, McCain, and Graham capitulated to the Bush administration on the issues of torture and indefinite detention. Today Senators Craig, Murkowski, and Sununu capitulated on the domestic spying bill. Both of these capitulations show that Republicans, even those few Republicans who respect American freedom, can't be counted on to stand on principle. If the domestic spying, torture, and indefinite detention bills are to be stopped, it's up to the Democrats in the Senate.

If you have one or more Democratic U.S. senators, please contact them today and urge them to filibuster any and all legislation that would legalize warrantless domestic spying, torture, or indefinite detention without charge or a fair trial. If you live in a state with a potentially competitive U.S. Senate race, please contact Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Charles Schumer with the same message. Contacting the Congress makes it easy to find your senators' contact information.

Here is the text of an e-mail I sent to Senators Reid and Schumer:
Dear Senator:

Two bills currently under consideration by the U.S. Congress, S. 2453 and S. 3901, threaten the freedom and security of all Americans. S. 2453 would authorize warrantless wiretaps against U.S. Citizens. S. 3901 would abrogate our responsibility under the Geneva Conventions, and would threaten both citizens and aliens alike with indefinite detention without charge.

Not only do these bills threaten our freedom, they also threaten our security. Security doesn't just mean security from terrorism. It also means security from one's own government. While these bills purport to strengthen national security against terrorists, they actually make Americans less secure by giving our government too much power over us.

There are enough Democrats in the Senate to filibuster S. 2453 and S. 3901, and I expect Democrats to stand firm against both bills. If either bill makes it to President Bush's desk, you'll have a hard time convincing civil libertarians like me of the importance of voting Democratic.

Jason Sonenshein

Downsize DC is focusing its action on Senator Russ Feingold, figuring that if there's a Democratic filibuster, it will probably start with him. This is probably also a good idea. Go here for more information.


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