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Monday, October 31, 2005

Ohio Senate Race Update

Keep hope alive for a U.S. Senate bid by former Congressman Bob McEwen (R - Hillsboro Arlington, Virginia Anderson Twp.). Swing State Project reports that someone has purchased the domain name bobmcewenforsenate.com. (link via Ohio 2nd)

Some advice for Rep. McEwen: Don't waste your time at events like the Peebles Old Timers Festival. There are a few hundred people in Peebles and they all know you already. There are lots of Republican primary voters in places like Perrysburg, Brecksville, and Cuyahoga Falls who need to get to know you.

As for the Hackett-Brown primary, I have friends on both sides, so I'm staying out of that one for now.


Blogger Audient said...

No doubt about Hackett-Brown. We'll see if they can keep it clean.

9:32 AM, November 01, 2005  

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